Friday 26th of January: 

Registration and gear check from 15.00 (3pm)
(bring all mandatory gear except bike, pogies, bike-lights, helmet - which will be checked Saturday 6.00-6.30)
Location: Vestlia Resort conference hall

Mandatory pre-race meeting for ALL riders at 17.00 (5pm)
Location: Vestlia Resort conference hall

Saturday 27th of January:

6.00- 6.30: sign in and bike, pogies, lights, helmet check (inside the garage at Vestlia)
7.00 Start for all distances (outside the hotel)

FV50 finishes INSIDE the checkpoint building in Dagali (Dølhall - no bikes inside the checkpoint!).
The checkpoint volunteers will arrange a little ceremony for the winner of the FV50

FV100 and FV150 finish at Vestlia Resort, INSIDE!, next to the reception desk (no bikes inside the hotel :-))

SUNDAY 28th at 12.00 (12am) CEREMONY for FV100 and FV150 at Vestlia Resort (either in the restaurant or a conference room).
We encourage everybody to stay to eat or have a coffee at Vestlia after the ceremony.