After the tremendous success with the global version the last two year this is doomed to become an annual event :-)

27th - 29th of January 2023!

Let's make the world ride their fatbikes together on the last weekend of January.
Join, it's free. Make your friends join too!
You will get a finisher sticker from Norway!*

The rules are simple:

This time we'll try a different registration process (more information during the autumn)
Join the Fat Viking race discussion group on Facebook. (Click HERE)
Print out your race plate/ starting bib and write your name on it. LINK TO RACE PLATE WILL APPEAR HERE (later!)

Then ride your fatbike between Friday 27th of January 2023 at 12pm (12.00) and Sunday 29th of January 6pm (18.00).
The accumulated kilometres between Friday 12pm and Sunday 6pm count:
FV50 finisher = you have ridden at least 50km
FV100 finisher = you have ridden at least 100km
FV150 finisher = you have ridden at least 150km
(There is no price for being a super-Viking and riding more than 150km, but go for it if you want)

You need to ride a FATBIKE (tire width 3.8 inch or wider, manufacturers label).

Ride wherever you want, create your own course - loops, out and back or whatever you please.
Ride unsupported (no support crew), but feel free to make use of commercially available shops and institutions on your way. You can sleep and eat at home of course!
Group rides are very welcome! …and so are Viking costumes!

Your ride needs to be documented:
-its length (picture of gps display, Strava, etc)
-its style (at least 3 pictures of yourself and/or your bike in several locations, at least one picture of you and your starting bib/ race plate – doesn’t have to be on the bike, you can hold it up and take a selfie.
Documentation needs to be published on Facebook and shared to the Fat Viking race discussion group.

You are yourself responsible for your safety. You need to make sure you obey to all rules and regulations that apply to the country and place where you are riding. This event is entirely on your own risk!

Let’s have as much fun as we can on the last weekend of January, make new friends, share the experience.
United we ride, even if we ride in different countries!

Of course we would very much like to see you at the FAT VIKING EVENT in Geilo in 2023!!
Bring your friends.

*you will have to do your share to receive the sticker :-) 
Different system in the future - we got somewhat overwhelmed with the aftermaths of the GFV :-)))