Geilo is located along the Bergen railway (Oslo – Bergen) and route RV7. This makes Geilo easily accessible. 

For international Vikings who want to fly into Norway:
Oslo (either Torp or Gardermoen) and Bergen airport.
Ryanair and Norwegian are often the cheapest options, but there are many other airlines who fly into Norway (check with the airline regarding bike transport - Norwegian has a 23kg limit for the bike box).

Train to Geilo

There are only a few connections daily between Oslo airport/ Bergen central station and Geilo. Check train times before you book your flights (and check for your return trip, too)! 
Norwegian Railway:
You can save a lot of money if you book in advance (the early online bookers "minipris" can be less than half the price of the ordinary ticket). 
NOTE: there is limited space for bikes (even in boxes) and you need to reserve a spot for your bike on the train!

There are also some bus connections but they make transfer a little less convenient. 
Have a look HERE

Geilo has established a direct bus connection from Oslo Gardermoen to Geilo, but the departure times are not really suitable for the race weekend. Check

Accommodation in Geilo

Geilo is a popular holiday destination with plenty of options for almost every budget. 

Vestlia Resort is the venue for the race. Start and finish, riders meeting and closing ceremony/ price giving all happens at Vestlia Resort. It's our base for the race and the oh-so-luxurious "club-house" for the Fat Viking society. 
Geilolia forest cabins are situated right next to Vestlia Resort. 
Bardøla Hotel and Øen Turistsenter are also highly recommended. 
(Øen has their own online-booking and offers 15% discount - promo-code FatViking. Click here to book)
Fat Viking racers will get discounts at the above mentioned accomodations.
(if you want to book already: let the accomodation know that you are a Fat Viking racer)