Fat Viking TRAINING CAMP (23rd - 25th) is bookable now, and so are the RENTAL BIKES!
We are working on a link for "FV products only", but for the moment you will find everything here:

Fatbikes for the race are separate products (even separate products for each size).
If you want to rent a fatbike for the training camp or just some extra days then you need to book that via the "normal" fatbike rental link (best to put each day and the race weekend rental in the shopping basket before you check out).
(Online booking is not supposed to be easy :-)). Let's just say that this is a sort of intelligence test for Vikings...

I'm still waiting for the 2022 bikes, so at the moment there is only a limited amount of the 2020 Giant Yukons available. Nobody can guarantee that the new bikes will arrive (they should have been here a year ago).

Ten bikes with studded tires. Be quick.