Dear Vikings! Be strong, this is going to hurt:

The Fat Viking race in Geilo will not happen in 2022.

The governments newly introduced restrictions don't allow sports events in the next four weeks. Whether restrictions are going to change after that is impossible to predict. The odds are against us.

We tried all the crystal balls and fortune telling objects that we found, but they were all blurry.
Organising an event with only a miniscule chance to actually be allowed to arrange it is no good.
Insecurity, responsibility and uncertainty are putting too much strain on this.

People from all over the world have signed up, and they risk having to cancel their travels last minute. We don't want that!

It is a fact: Fat Viking 2022 as a race is cancelled due to the current Covid restrictions of the Norwegian government.

Here comes the good news:
We'll do the GLOBAL FAT VIKING again (and everybody will get their finisher sticker sent from Norway).
Let's try to beat Canada this time (or at least Manitoba :-))!

Geilo Aktiv will run the training camp anyway, and Nina will have a gpx track ready for those of you who want to cycle in Geilo at the end of January. This would be your private adventure not organised by anyone but yourselves.

You must know that we are truly upset about this. We organise this as volunteers. Our only reward is to see YOU and have fun with you. We miss you, and we hope that we can gather again in 2023!!

Yours sincerely,
the Fat Viking Society

RaceTracker has send out an email to you with the options for your entrance fee.
Those who have rented bikes or signed up for the training camp and want to cancel: just reply to the email containing your booking confirmation to get a refund.

More info on the Global Fat Viking will be given of course.


FAT VIKING is a WINTER ULTRA ENDURANCE event under somewhat more "controlled" circumstances than the Iditarod Trail Invitational. 

The race course runs on snowmobile tracks, dogsledding trails, snowcovered roads and cross country skiing trails around Geilo/ Skurdalen/ Dagali. Checkpoints are inside a heated building where basic food (oatmeal) is offered along with the opportunity to rest. Several "bail out options" along the route are available in case of emergency/ abandoning the race. 
The routes for 2022 will see some changes to keep you on your toes and to show you more of the beautiful area.

Fat Viking is a non-commercial Geilo IL (Geilo Sports Club) event organized by the "FAT VIKING SOCIETY".
We organize this without getting payed. We do it for the love of the sport. Our effort is all worth it if YOU come back with a smile on your face, with an adventure behind you and a lot of stories to tell.

Please read the ABOUT information, the MANDATORY GEAR list and RACE RULES before entering.

Race distances 50km - 100km - 150km. 
All distances start together.
The 50km distanse finishes at CP1 (we will find a way to transport riders back to Geilo).
If you register for the 150km/ 100km but only make it to CP1 we will still call you a "finisher" (an FV50 finisher). The same applies if you enter the 150km event but only ride the 100km distance. You will of course not count in any ranking or the competition itself.

This is a chance to prove to yourself that YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THOUGHT.

Please ask your questions in the Fat Viking Facebook group. If absolutely neccessary you can drop Nina a line (se contact details below).

To be a Viking or to become one. Human endurance and human resilience*. 150km of winter racing. A journey within yourself.
*(definition of resilience: "the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched)

Click here for more information

Geilo Aktiv (Nina) arranges a training camp prior to the race (Monday to Wednesday 25th-27th of January. This is a course about safe and efficient winter travel where you learn and practice the essentials.
Join the 3-day training course if you want to learn more about winter riding



If you want to have access to the PICTURES FROM RACE OFFICIAL Antti Ollila send him an email:

FAT VIKING 2020 is history

From racing on ice, to blown in trails and fighting against the wind.
You are stronger than you think, ... and we are impressed with you!

28(!) people finished the FV150!!!
4 people finished the FV100
13 people finished the FV50 (this number needs to be confirmed by the race-directors who are asleep as this is published)

1st on the 100km and 2nd on the 150km rode without studs! Several other finishers too. It shows you that it can be done.

See you all at the ceremony at VESTLIA RESORT at 14.00 (room within the restaurant)

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR PICTURES IN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP, but PLEASE NOT as separate posts for every single picture :-)
Remember #fatviking


(pictures are taken by ANTTI OLLILA - race official)


Some facts and figures about the 2020 race tracks/ the sections:

1 Geilo - Dagali 56km/ 1090moc
2 Dagalifjellet 57km/ 1150moc
3 Dagali - Geilo 39km/ 920moc

FV50 = 1 = 56km/ 1090moc
FV100 = 1 + 3 = 95km/ 2010moc
FV150 = 1 + 2 + 3 = 152km/ 3160moc

2019 RACE RESULTS/ Tracking: 

(picture by Mikkel Trelborg)